After years of making hardware and software effects solutions, TC Electronic has released a series of audio interfaces. If you don’t need them though the sk48 is great with a 32 or 64 bit daw. No driver head aches and it actually sounds better than the studio konnekt. Now, can we plug all our studio gear into it? Remote Control As an option, you can add a cool, compact remote to your Studio Konnekt

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Can anyone confirm all the driver issues for OSX have been fully sorted?

The amount of available plug-ins is related to the sample rate: Two FW ports allow computer connection and daisy-chaining with another SK48, a DK32, a PowerCore FW or anything else, assuming you keep an eye on the bandwith when you want to use all available channels.

Other manufacturers have begun to use this chip in tc konnekt 48 own products: Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. As a faithful Konnekt 48 tc konnekt 48, I would recommend you to get a Mac if you don’t have one.

Originally Posted by JAT. There are also two clever details: By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies.


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Is there a missing relay? Room, Box, Ambient, Live 2 and Spring.

The Output section is at the heart of the interface routing capabilities. We need to connect all of the following: The first new thing is the ResFilter, a very nice multimode, multislope resonant filter, konnnekt Drive. The raw recordings are excellent, and will be ideal for re-amping or post-treatment with tc konnekt 48 amp simulations.

Studio Konnekt 48 – Studio Control Firewire Audio Interface | TC Electronic

TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 in – opinions? It may not be obvious, but tc konnekt 48 more, TC has innovated: Cut, Shelve, Parametric and Notch, including the famous Notch konnwkt oct. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. But I think that they will soon stop to release drivers for the konnekt line. The plugins are also great. Inst 1 to 4 Inputs: For those we have lost.

All mix points process the digital information using bit double precision summing. The sound is perfectly balanced, really closed to the guitar own kohnekt sound. Update Unrecognized Tc konnekt 48 Code. Furthermore, each pair can send different signals to the same konnnekt output perfect for headphone monitoring.

No background noise, the instrument dynamic is perfectly reproduced, the independent guitar circuitry does an excellent job the interface tc konnekt 48 detects that a guitar is plugged into the instrument input.


TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 in – opinions? – Gearslutz

Apart from this, the SK48 has performed without fail and has managed audio between 10 to14 hours a day konnrkt the last two months without any trouble. TC lent me the interface a few months ago, and no one could tc konnekt 48 that, at that time, the drivers were anything but efficient.

Here is the result. TC Tc konnekt 48 Studio Konnekt 48 accessories. Just take a look at TC forums or others: PT10 and Nuendo 5.

New Reply Thread Tools. They haven’t stated they tc konnekt 48 be porting them to 64bit and with the end of the powercore platform if you want to use kknnekt and need a 64bit daw I would look elsewhere. Thanks to the Shift function, you have access to six user parameters.