Wramana 54 1 Now Javascript is disabled. You use the regsvr32 utility on Windows or the regsvrce utility on Windows Mobile. Once you understand how this works, you can use the windows API functions to open and write the specific keys you require to automate the process. The Strings “Driver” and “Setup” were missing. Now everything works again.

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You cannot mix 32 and 64 bit code in one process. Post as a guest Name.

How To Download Sybase SQL Anywhere ODBC Driver? – SQLA Forum

Do you think I should try the I’m trying to connect using ODBC because that’s how our existing projects were created. I found sqk solution.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. If you are building an installation program for your end users, you should make the same registry settings. I checked “Microsoft applications” and “Delphi applications”.

Installing a Custom ODBC Driver on Windows for SQL Anywhere

What is your job title? Worse, uninstalling another application may remove the ODBC driver that your application relies on, stopping your application before it can even start.


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Breck It says what I said it says. I also tried several other things. If another application that embeds SQL Anywhere is installed, it can potentially overwrite the ODBC driver your application installed with a different maintenance release or EBF build number, possibly incompatible with your application.

But I get the same error. Follow this question Sql anywhere 64 bit odbc Email: Context and remarks Many. Caution Ibt user IDs, encrypted or unencrypted passwords, and database keys in a data source is not recommended.

That sounds like it’s not installed. Check the project settings in Visual studio to generate the matching bitness of the app.

Creating an ODBC data source (ODBC Data Source Administrator)

I added the path to the bit ODBC drivers. Are you sure that SQL Anywhere 12 is installed with the 32bit version? The lead developer is on vacation so Bti can’t ask him how to do this.


Is there some way I can download the driver I need from the Sql anywhere 64 bit odbc Ultralite Scyncronization failed in sybase The alternative is to anywehre a connection string without using a DSN but instead using the installed driver name.

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In your case, use “CustomDriver. Error using Sybase IQ proxy table. Install the driver again. I do not know what to do anymore. If you cannot locate WowNode on bit Windows, then you are using the bit version of regedit.

How can I verify that the 32 bit driver is installed? Most Popular Developer Stories. Sql anywhere 64 bit odbc following is a walkthrough of how to create your own custom ODBC driver entry by setting specific values in the Registry by using the regedit utility.