I have bought a microphone a sennheiser e and a external sound card presonus audiobox usb , to be able to record guitar audio and other stuff. Download Now Released July 28, View release notes I promise this isn’t my first stop. Answers Ask and answer questions with PreSonus users just like you! You’ve read and tried everything.

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Downloads Software and driver updates, tutorials, manuals and more! Below are instructions for how to do this: Knowledge Base Our extensive knowledgebase can save you hours of troubleshooting and messages to technical audioboz. Find all posts by The Weed.

I know this is not the greatest guide either. Computer is an Asus QA pesonus running windows 8. This should be easy as it is external. I have already tried the box in another computer and I didn’t have any software on it to try and record with but it did immediately recognize it on the device manager which is more than I get get my laptop do when directly plugged into it.

I promise this isn’t my first stop.


Does anyone got a presonus audiobox usb? They only have the new 96 on it. Audio Interfaces Finder We’ve been making recording interfaces for a long time.

I should only need to use one driver, right? It is compatible with Mac OS X I can just record and play. And if I use the program audacity, I don’t need to change any settings.

Download Now Released January 30, View release notes Switch to Hybrid Mode. Download Now Released June 26, View release notes But all it says is a limited prdsonus white. I need to use one driver to record, and then change to another to listen.

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They need to be using the drivers PreSonus provides for their products. Contact one of our regional U.

Help is almost always available on the DUC for any issue, but people need to start with the Help Us Help You pgesonus at the top of every forum, follow all the recommendations and, if still having issues, post the necessary information needed for others to be able to help.

I’ve solved the problem. Representatives Want to sell PreSonus products in your store? If still doesn’t work, it’s time to test the Audiobox on a different computer to test if it’s a faulty presonud. Simply create or log into your My.


For Those Who Need Help with PreSonus AudioBox USB (Beginners) – Avid Pro Audio Community

Download Now Released November 28, View release notes Download Now Released September 21, View release notes BB code is On. Download Now Released July 28, View release notes Download Now Released March 29, View release notes If you are still having problems, it might be because your AudioBox does not have anything plugged in to the audiobod side.

This may not be the most ideal way of doing it but that is how I got mine working. So here’s what I’ve gone through so far. First, you can probably configure Asio4All to u