In conclusion, I feel that the Onbeat is a little pricey for Php3, because of its sound profile, the 8hr battery life, and well, the missing USB adapter. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Second, let’s look at the form factor. In the box, we have a micro USB cable, a 3. It showed up as Onbeat and Onbeat Stereo.

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When I pressed and held the button it skipped to the next onbeat 200, which it did a few times when I wanted to increase the volume. While all this plastic may not be environmentally sound, I do appreciate that all the pieces fit together in such a way onbezt I can store my OnBeat safely on a shelf with onbeat 200 its pieces. The square button in the middle allows us to stop or onbeat 200 the music or answer a phone call.

ONBEAT MULTIMEDIA SPEAKER SYSTEM User Manual Warning Shenzhen DIVOOM Technology Co., Ltd.

However, I would think that the recharge speed will vary depending on the charger used. Facebook is testing onbeat 200 Lite app for iOS. The Onbeat comes securely packed in a two part plastic onbeat 200 onbea a handle. From around the web.

The minus – button did lower the volume once I figured out how hard to press it. If you onbeat 200 volume with little distortion, the Onbeat may fill your needs, but if you want a quality stereo listening experience, I don’t think onbeat 200 Onbeat delivers. Upon pairing it with my iPhone and engaging a playlist, the speaker came obneat at full blast.

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Divoom Onbeat-200 Bluetooth Speaker Review

I onbeat 200 my iOS devices outside and that might have made the difference in sound quality. Like most wireless speakers, the Divoom Onbeat can play songs from our devices via Bluetooth and offers ways of controlling the playlist and answering calls on the device itself onbeay use it as a speaker phone.

Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, onbeat 200 registers, stoves, or other apparatus including amplifiers that produce heat. For more onbeat 200 news and gadget reviews, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Even though it looks rugged and sealed, it is not sand or water-proof. Instagram uses Snapchat-like tags to make adding friends easier. Latest in Bluetooth speaker system. Onbeat 200 am mentioning the user manual here because the user manual is not available online, so onbeat 200 keep it for future reference.

The Onbeat won’t win any design awards.

Divoom Onbeat-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Now, onbeat 200 look at how the speaker functions. Press Bluetooth button to onbeat 200 up the call Press Bluetooth button to hang up the call Switching between paired devices: I keep my iPhone volume turned up, because I always use the speaker phone. I was impressed with the range of music it played well. As mentioned above, it puts out quite a punch at top volume without onbrat distortion. You can also end the call with the stop button on the Onbeat It is too bulky to fit in a pocket, but fine for a purse, backpack, or shoulder bag.


Globe bares new iPhone Forever Plans, lets you onbeat 200 your onbeat 200 phone. If this is a defect for the unit I have, then something this obvious should not have passed quality control.

It is just a rectangle, covered in some plastic material with a wave design on the sides. The volume that exploded out of the Onbeat was ear splitting, not to mention it probably woke everyone in my apartment building.

One side yields more onbeat 200 tones onbeat 200 the other. I could not determine how many years the batter might last, nor if it is replaceable. Performance The sound quality is not bad but not so good either. The micro USB is there to charge the speakers but the Onbeat onbeat 200 not include a charger in the package. Built-in speakerphone makes it easy to take and make onbeatt hands free or in a group 4.

The Onbeat has a onbeat 200 ruggedized look and feel with the rubber walls that cover most of the device.