Press the button to play music. We hope, that this document of instructions for use will help you. De handleiding is 2,39 mb groot. It can be broken. To unlock, push the switch in the opposite direction of the arrow. Go to the following destination to confirm that the installation was completed successfully.

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Move through frequency band by pushing the lever in or direction, and adjust the setting by pushing the lever in up or down direction. Disconnect the USB cable from the player. Even if the file contain Npio information, only the file name will be dis played. Windows 98S E Us ers.

MPIO ML100 Free Driver Download (Official)

Setting User EQ You can enjoy your own sound effects by setting the EQ to the each frequency bandwidth that you prefer. Select Backlight Time from Display in the menu. English als bijlage per email.

After release the lever, the frequency will stop when it received a signal. When you push the lever in direction within 10 seconds of playback, it goes to the previous file.


Handleiding MPIO ML (FY) (pagina 13 van 13) (English)

Select Record Gain from Recording in the menu. Small sound is not sensed and recorded.

This is useful for studying languages. Spelregels forum Om tot zinvolle vragen te komen hanteren wij de volgende spelregels: Plays all music files in the player once. Select Repeat from Audio in the menu.

Displays the current playback time of the song being played. Wij vragen u dus ook te reageren op een antwoord. On this page you can get: If this file was helpful.

Then, click the [Finish] button. Listening to FM Radio Earphones work as an antenna, so please connect them before using. Als er een antwoord wordt gegeven op uw vraag, dan is het voor de gever van het antwoord nuttig om te weten als u er wel of niet mee geholpen bent!

Table of Contents Add to my mlio Add.

Channels can also be saved in the FM Radio menu. For all tracks without Tag information, the file name will be displayed.

Er is een email naar u verstuurd om uw inschrijving definitief te maken. Searching for the desired file during pausing While it’s paused, you can move to the previous or next file, if you push the lever in or direction. Displays the remaining playback time of the song being played. For Macintosh Users When performing a firmware upgrade on a Macintosh, please follow the instructions on our website.


MPIO ML (FY) MP3 player/ walkman download manual for free now – 39D63 |

Please take note that external 10 and low battery while performing a firmware up grade may cause device failure or other malfunctions. Searching for the desired file during pausing The set section will now play repeatedly.

Small sound is not sensed and recorded. Please check that the player is in the MSC mode. When it sets to Always On, it will use lots of battery therefore it will affect the play time. In case default setting Press and hold the button for 3 seconds.

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