Then you should get a series of complaints about windows logo compliance. ProtoWall is a prog that blocks access to and from your computer. They put the updates on the web. Note – You have to install the driver manually. When I wrote this, there was a choice of two versions – 1. Blocklist manager downloads updates every twelve hours, or on demand. In other words, ‘Include this IP in the list of those that are denied access’.

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May as well download the Blocklist Manager while you’re at the website. You’d be amazed at how many sites want to track your movements. The list of ‘snoopy’ IP addresses is maintained by the people at bluetack.

No Protowall Driver | Wilders Security Forums

Then you should get a series of complaints about windows logo compliance. Unzip and install Protowall. I’ll describe the installation and configuration of the stable version, protowxll that’s what I’m currently using. There’s only one version available, the 2. I didn’t show it, but the Include list does just the opposite. This tells Blocklist where you installed the Apps that use the block list.


No Protowall Driver

NOTE – enabling the Spyware setting will cause alot of web pages to be blocked. Some of my ho are in Red on the screenshots.

You will probably lose your internet connection for a few seconds. I modified my settings, I’ll explain what I did and why. If you find an IP or a range of IP addresses you want to block from accessing your computer, add it to the Inclusions.

Each app has a slightly different file format, so Blocklist can format the list in several different ways if u want.

I am using Protowall, so that’s all I care about atmo. I enabled the personal Exclusions list. I’ll skip the Log Locations, u can figure that out.

It’s empty unless you add some actual exclusions, so instal, on the Edit Exclusions button to see the list:. Here’s the screenshots of my install, I think I took all the defaults.

For some reason the installer gets it goofed up, and it works best to do it from scratch. In other words, allow traffic to and from these IP’s.

If you get a prompt for the location of Protowall.

I found that after installing the programs, clicking on help directed me to some dead links. I discovered that it also blocks my newsgroup access. You just install the driver once for all network settings. I’m using Protowall, so that’s the only filter I checked.


I have some permit rules set up.

Installing Protowall

Also, go to the forums to see prtowall a solution is listed in the FAQ. Blocklist wants to block this range of addresses from me.

I think everything else here is defaults. It then exports the lists in whatever format you choose – it can make lists for Peer Guardian, Protowall, and other apps. Protowall might already be listed here if you had to uninstall it.

In other words, ‘Include this IP in the list of those that are denied access’. Anything with an asterisk is a default. I tried the beta version but had alot of trouble getting it to work so I went with the stable version instead. It’s free, and there are ppl who will answer questions if you get stuck.