While we’ve previously reviewed the ioDrive2 flagship Duo SLC , which is great for the most demanding applications, the ioDrive2 single drive with MLC is designed for more “pedestrian” workloads. The ioDrive2 Duo MLC drives collectively exhibited the slowest average latency compared to the other drives tested. Across the board we measured max latency ranging between 20ms to ms from the ioDrive2 Duo in all modes, with the best being Linux HP mode. This contrasts with standard SSD controllers, where fundamental changes can only be made via fabricating a new controller – though both designs allow for more high-level tuning via firmware updates. We had a chance to get our hands on a number of Fusion-io models. Switching to write performance, it measured 1.

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Bar none, one of the most interesting features is the real-time performance streaming.

This contrasts with standard SSD controllers, where fundamental changes can only be made via fabricating a new controller – though both designs allow for more high-level tuning via firmware updates. In our review which evaluated the ioDrive2 Duo SLC inside a Lenovo ThinkServer RDwe performed all benchmarks with the power-override enabled, giving us full performance without external power needed.

Wyse Client Review. One enhancement that came with the release of VSL 3. The stock drive stayed a consistent 0. Iodriev2 Huawei ES 1.

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We are starting to rethink the software we use to test these solutions, as well as putting these devices in real, meaningful conditions, not just synthetic workloads. Working closely with Fusion-io software and hardware engineers, we logged time on new ioMemory products inside the their labs, giving us valuable insight into how we should test storage solutions in our growing Enterprise Testing Environment. Fusion-io has also updated their VSL software to 3. This test measures average TPS Transactions Per Secondaverage latency, as well as average 99th percentile latency over a range of 2 to 32 threads.

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Out came the ioDrive, putting flash memory in close reach of the CPU while using underutilized system resources to accelerate application performance with ultra-low latency.

When i check the status it says firmware version installed isnt compatible with the drivers. We started with those tests, and the ioDrive2 performed well.

Fusion Iodrive2

Coupling the industry’s best management software and the ability to continually improve the drive without needing a new controller, the ioDrive2 Duo SLC will certainly find long-term duty serving the most critical applications that can take advantage of excellent storage performance. Looking at peak response times in our main File Server test, the Fusion ioDrive2 Duo SLC had higher max latency, which started to pick up at workloads at or above an effective queue depth of Fusion-io went to great lengths to show us the level of support they offer through software utilities such as ioSphere, which gives companies the ability to monitor iodrivr2 ioMemory devices anywhere on their network, and shows performance levels and reliability information for each drive.

The test repeats itself over 24 intervals, requiring between hours total for the SSDs in this class. The TPC-C benchmark comes closer than synthetic performance benchmarks to gauging the performance strengths and bottlenecks of storage infrastructure in database environments. Excelero Announces NVMesh 2.

VMworld Europe News Bits. In these tests we span our workload intensity from 2 threads and 2 queue up to 16 threads and 16 queue.


Fusion-io ioDrive2 MLC Application Accelerator Review (1.2TB)

While more evident when viewed on our charts, Windows performance overall doesn’t suffer much, but there is certainly room for improvement. This was most notable with the stock-capacity ioDrive2 in Windows.

ThinkStation P Series workstations:: I can confirm the HP 3. For this reason we go to great lengths to show the full performance characteristics of each fussion we put through our Enterprise Test Lab. MarkLogic records total average latency as well as interval latency for each SSD. The firmware on this device is not compatible with the currently installed version of the driver. When configured in high-performance mode it had stronger performance in both Windows and Linux than it did in stock-configuration.

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Related News and Reviews In the Lab: The PCB layout is very efficient, with large passive heatsinks covering the two controllers on the right side of the card. We understand the importance of evaluating storage as a component of larger systems, most importantly how responsive iodrivr2 is when interacting with key enterprise applications.

In our synthetic testing environment, we use a mainstream server configuration with a clock speed iodfive2 2. We also included two legacy mixed workloads, the traditional File Server and Webserver, each offering a wide mix of transfer sizes.